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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2018-06Early learning in Ethiopia: equitable access and learning Early Learning Partnership Ethiopia System Diagnostic ReportBelay Hagos, PhD; Tirussew Teferra, PhD,; Jack Rossiter; Pauline Rose
    2021-02Socioeconomic survey 2018-2019World Bank
    2016Assessment of the Status of O-Class in Four Regional States of EthiopiaTirussew Teferra, PhD, Professor; Belay Hagos, PhD
    2016-06Assessing Children’s Learning Outcomes: A Comparison of two cohorts from Young Lives Ethiopia, By Tassew Woldehanna, Mesele W. Araya and Aregawi GebremedhinTassew Woldehanna, Mesele W. Araya; Aregawi Gebremedhin
    2015-12Early Childhood Care and Education in Rural Ethiopia: Current Practices, New Initiatives, and Pilot Programs, by Teka Zewdie and Belay TeferaBelay Tefera, Teka Zewdie
    2017-12Know Thy Self: Viability of Early Childhood Education Delivery through Traditional Priest Schools by Belay Hagos and Belay TeferaBelay Hagos, Belay Tefera
    2009-06Orphan and Vulnerable Children’s Schooling in Ethiopia: Issues and Challenges, by Alemayehu DebebeAlemayehu Debebe
    2016-12Early Childhood Education in Ethiopia: Present Practices and Future Directions, by Fantahun AdmasFantahun Admas
    2016-06Corporal Punishment in the First Cycle Primary Schools of the Central Zone of Tigray Region in Ethiopia by R. Sreevalsa Kumar and Fiseha TekluR. Sreevalsa Kumar, Fiseha Teklu
    2015-12Father Involvement in Childrearing Activities in the Context of Arsi Oromo Culture: Implications for Intervention by Dame AberaDame Abera